The average human being possess powers and abilities so astounding we are  just now beginning to scratch the surface of what we are truly capable of.

Yet sadly, most people live out their whole life in self defeating fear-based beliefs, illogical superstitions and imaginary cultural oppression never knowing the real enemy is within them...FEAR.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" ~Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Fear is the "elephant in the room" that no one wants to talk about. Because it exists within us and we are 100% responsible for creating it and keeping it alive. 

To conquer and master fear you must study it as you would study your enemy on the battlefield. And you must study those who are "Masters of Fear" and learn how they use their minds and bodies differently than the average person.

Our passion and purpose is to investigate the most extraordinarily FEARLESS human beings on earth, uncover and master their secrets and strategies and share them with you, so you can live your life to the maximum  potential.

We are currently completing the final stages of a book and video documentary which details our journey around the country, a quest to find the most fearless individuals alive and discover how they are able to control their mind, body and emotions in the most incredibly dangerous circumstances imaginable.  

Since we began our research we have personally met, studied under, trained with, observed, documented, interviewed and spent hundreds of hours filming some of world's most amazing, talented and fearless individuals including: 

World class skydivers, US Army special forces soldiers, Airborne Rangers, Navy S.E.A.L.S., Marine Force Recon, DEA agents, shark divers who swim with and hand feed sharks in the open ocean, Venomous snake handlers and snake venom extractors, firewalkers and fire eaters, firemen, law enforcement officers, martial arts experts, suspension performers who hang their bodies from steel hooks, alligator wrestlers, bear trainers, big cat keepers, world famous bull riders, bullfighters, high rise construction and steel workers, hang glider and experimental aircraft pilots, spearfishemen, big wave surfers, rock climbers, near death survivors and heroes of all shapes and sizes.  

Not only have we studied these people and their methods first hand, we have participated in many ultra hazardous activities with them risking our lives again and again in order to better understand them and get a closer look into their amazing world of mental and emotional control.  

In the book and film you will discover their secret methods, some learned by accident, some mastered by decades of relentless study, practice and self discipline. If you apply their secrets to your life we can promise you there is no fear, anxiety or discomfort you cannot control and conquer.

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Scott Goodknight - Stephanie Hunter


Free-Handling King Cobras

Hand Feeding Sharks

Scott and Stephanie Swim with Sharks

Western Diamondback Venom Extraction